Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Compression After Laser Treatment

In our last post we discussed the value of graduated compression stockings before an EVLA procedure. Now we turn to the use of compression after vein treatment. 

Graduated compression after EVLA has been proven to decrease swelling, a common outcome associated with the procedure. Additional benefits for the patient are decreased discomfort, potentially decreased risk of blood clots, and potentially decreased risk of pigmentation, or staining of the skin.

Immediately following an EVLA procedure, patients are asked to put on their compression stockings. Vein specialists will ask patients to wear compression stockings for the first two weeks following EVLA treatment, any time the patient is on her or his feet. (Compression stockings are also prescribed following sclerotherapy treatment, usually for between five days and two weeks.) Graduated compression stockings should never be worn to bed.

Compression is critical for the most efficient and effective healing process.

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