Tuesday, November 27, 2018

New issue of Vein Health News

Earlier this month, we release the latest issue of Vein Health News and it's jam-packed with
information about venous health -- for healthcare providers and consumers alike.

In the cover story “Pelvic Venous Congestion Syndrome: Finding Answers for Pelvic Pain,” we explain to readers what it is, who is likely to get it, and how to diagnose and treat it. The causes of pelvic pain can be elusive, so we do our best to discuss PVCS frankly and factually. And if you’re wondering if men can get PVCS, the answer is: yes, men can experience a similar condition.

In the same issue, we examine how primary care physicians and other medical professionals can help patients with, or are at risk for, vein disease. 

Click here to read more. If you would like more information about vein health, give us a ring or drop us a line at the Vein Healthcare Center.

You can call 207-221-7799 (Monday through Friday during regular business hours), or send us an email at info@veinhealthcare.com.

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