Monday, October 7, 2019

The latest issue of Vein Health News!

We've released the latest issue of Vein Health News! 

In the cover story “Skin: Dermatological Changes & Vein Health” we explore how vein specialists use the clues in skin -- everything from color and thickness, to visible spider veins and ulcers -- to help diagnose a patient's vein disorders. 

We also take a look at "medi-spas" and how consumers can choose their aesthetic procedures and practitioners wisely -- and why they should.

In the same issue, we share updates in the world of compression and even give illustrated tips for getting compression stockings on and off with ease. 

Click here to read all this and more. If you would like more information about skin, vein health and the right treatment for you, give us a ring or drop us a line at the Vein Healthcare Center.

You can call 207-221-7799 (Monday through Friday during regular business hours), or send us an email at

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