Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dr. Helane Fronek: Leader in the Field of Phlebology

Celebrating the Pioneers of Vein Health 

During the month of March, we celebrated the historic achievements and contributions of women whose roles ranged from suffragists to entrepreneurs. This month, in keeping with the salute to women, we celebrate those who contributed and continue to contribute to the development of Phlebology as a medical specialty.

The U.S. has one of the highest incidences of venous disease in the world. Because of the widespread nature of its symptoms, it is considered a significant public health issue. Historically, venous symptoms were often left untreated. This was due to poor levels of public awareness, the lack of quality treatment options and discouraging outcomes. Today, public understanding of venous disease is on the rise. Injection therapies such as sclerotherapy, surface laser treatments, and other non-invasive closure procedures including EVLA have become the gold standard of care, and these innovative forms of treatment have transformed the way the medical community views diagnosis and treatment of venous disorders.

Leading the Way In Vein Care

Helane Fronek MD, FACP, FACPh entered the field of phlebology in 1985 and has been an integral part of its development. As part of her work in the field, she served as the Director of the Varicose Vein Clinic at Scripps Clinic, where she provided cutting edge treatment for the entire spectrum of superficial venous disorders and conducted research on venous leg ulceration, compression therapy, and emerging therapies for varicose veins. She is past president of the American College of Phlebology, the largest medical organization devoted to vein care.

Dr. Fronek was the first recipient of the American College of Phlebology’s prestigious Leadership Award, and she is well known for authoring The Fundamentals of Phlebology, a medical textbook used by most Phlebologists entering the field. She is a respected speaker and educator in all aspects of diagnosis and treatment for venous disease and communication in the medical arena.

While Dr. Fronek continues her work as a vein specialist, she has extended her contribution to those in
the medical field as a coach and consultant to physicians. As a coach and consultant, she focuses on aspects including maintaining balance, finding professional fulfillment, and enhancing communication skills. She states on her blog:
“My desire to help [physicians] recapture the love of medicine that made them want to become doctors is what drew me to the field of coaching. Coaching is extremely effective in helping physicians discover what aspects of their practice and their life no longer work well for them, and how to make the shifts that will align their life with their true values and goals. Being a part of my clients’ transformations is gratifying and inspiring.”
You can read more about Dr. Helane Fronek, or read about her Coaching and Consulting for Physicians.

If You Are a Primary Care Physician, Venous Disease Affects Your Patients

It is estimated that 80 million Americans have some form of venous disease. If you are a primary physician, it is very likely that you are treating patients who are experiencing symptoms of this disease. Read the latest issue of Vein Health News and subscribe to be sure you have the latest information about the impact of venous disease symptoms and its available treatment options.

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