Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What can you expect at an EVLA appointment?

So you’ve met with a board certified vein specialist and learned about EVLA, made an appointment, and prepared for the procedure. What’s next? 

When you arrive for your EVLA appointment, you will change into exam shorts and photos of your leg will be taken. (Photos are used for your personal medical chart, in order to track improvement and recovery.) Your leg will be re-checked using ultrasound, and your doctor will write on your leg with a magic marker. Your vital signs will be checked, and you'll be asked to relax on a procedure table. There are often pillows and blankets available for your comfort, and if you bring a listening device, you can begin listening to music.

Your leg will be cleansed with an iodine solution to the groin— you should make the physician aware of any iodine or seafood allergies you may have. An IV will be placed in the problematic vein, usually at or around the level of your knee, or in the middle section of the back of your calf. You will feel a small pinch of local anesthetic during this part of the procedure.

Under ultrasound guidance, a laser fiber will then be threaded up to the highest point of venous insufficiency. There should be little or no discomfort. The area to be treated will then be fully anesthetized. Most physicians ask their patients to wear special safety glasses to protect eyes from the laser. The laser will then be turned on, and the ablation of the vein will begin, a process that usually takes approximately forty minutes.

The physician should provide you with post-operative requirements. Following guidelines for care after your treatment will help promote the most effective healing so you can return to your daily routine and start experiencing a comfortable, symptom-free life as soon as possible.

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