Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Knowledge is Power

If you’ve thought about “doing something” about your varicose veins or heavy, achy legs but aren’t sure what exactly to do, here’s a suggestion: learn more vein disease and the available options for treatment. By reading this blog you’re on your way, and in this post we’re going to get more specific. After all, knowledge is power!

When researching on the Web, go to trusted sites that specialize in phlebology (the study of vein disease and vein healthcare), such as the American College of Phlebology (www.phlebology.org) and the American Venous Forum (www.veinforum.org). The Vein Healthcare Center website also provides reliable information for both patients and physicians (www.veinhealthcare.com).

If you prefer reading books to screens, then check out our previous post about vein health books.

Gathering information is important, but don’t worry yourself needlessly because of too many visits to WebMD! If you really want to understand the root of your vein problems—and possible treatments—then a visit to a Board-certified vein specialist is best.

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