Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Changes in the skin

Did you know that changes in the skin might be a clue to venous disease?

If you notice redness around the ankles, see other color changes on your legs, or find that your skin has become harder or thicker in the lower leg, it’s likely you are experiencing a common symptom of venous disease. These skin changes can be mild, or they can cause pain and involve larger areas of the skin.

Other skin changes, such as dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), cellulitis (bacterial skin infection), dry or scaly skin, or brown “stains” on the skin, can be signs of advanced venous disease.

If you do observe these types of changes—especially if you are experiencing other vein symptoms, such as aching or throbbing legs, or if vein problems run in your family—consider talking to your primary care doctor, or visiting a physician who specializes in vein health.

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