Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen shares her wisdom on Successful Balanced Living

Get to know Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen a little bit better -- and hear some trustworthy, easy-to-understand advice. 

Dr. Asbjornsen was recently on the radio show Successful Balanced Living with Lynda Adams. She talks with Lynda about a variety of things, including:

  • Why she decided to study phlebology (the study of vein disorders and treatment)
  • Why sore legs and varicose veins are NOT a normal sign of aging.
  • Who is at the greatest risk for getting vein disease
  • Preventing blood clots on airplanes
  • How she creates a successful, balanced life for herself
To learn about this and more, click here to listen.

And if you think you might have vein disease, schedule an appointment for a full evaluation of your vein health.

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