Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The foot pump

Is “the foot pump” a new dance all the kids are doing? No, it has something to do with veins, of course! Namely, making sure the circulation in your legs is working properly.

As summer draws to a close, many people are returning from vacation, driving in their cars, or hopping a long flight home. In order to prevent deep vein thrombosis (known as DVT), try the foot pump, in the car or on the plane.

It’s a simple toe-tap exercise: tap your feet for a minute or two, going back and forth between heels and toes. This squeezes the deep veins in the legs and forces the blood to circulate through the leg. It also feels good after sitting for a long period of time. Do the foot pump (on each foot) every half-hour or so.

Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated, preferably with water. And try to take a brief walk in the airplane aisles (or at the rest stop) occasionally to keep the blood flowing.  

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