Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One of our patients says: it’s definitely worth it

It’s that time of year when many of us review the things we’re grateful for. One of our patients is thankful for the advances in vein treatment – and for the way her quality of life has improved since her own treatment.

“About 15 years ago I had my varicose veins stripped the old way – surgery. That doctor made an incision from my thigh all the way down to my ankle. It required many stitches and a long recovery. Back then they didn’t have the nice compression hose or knee-highs that they do now; the hoses were thick, rubber and so uncomfortable I stopped wearing them.

After I had my children, a varicose vein formed in the middle of my right leg, and then a big varicosity starting forming on my knee. Every time summer came I always made sure to wear capri-length pants, and I hated wearing bathing suits.

I was reluctant to get my veins treated again because of my experience with the surgery 15 years ago, but I did my research and found Dr. Asbjornsen and the Vein Healthcare Center. I went in to talk to Dr. Cindy, and she and her ultrasound technician took an hour to find out where the source of the problem was. They took the time to find the source of why the varicose vein recurred in my right leg.

I went ahead and did the EVLA and was amazed at how fast it was – only an hour to stop the leak at the upper groin area. I had a pretty big bruise, but I used the Arnicare they gave me and wore my compression stockings. My thigh recovered so quickly!

Before the treatment you could actually feel the heat of the vein through my clothes. You could see the outline of the vein when I wore leggings, it was that bad. Now I can wear anything I want, even shorts. It would hurt at night too, but not anymore.

I have before and after pictures on my phone that I show to everyone! I tell people: Hey, just do it. It’s easy. Yeah, you have to wear stockings for a little while, but it’s definitely worth it.

I would absolutely recommend VHC. The whole practice was professional. They were very understanding about making appointments and worked with me the whole way. The doctor and her staff took a lot of time to explain the problem to me, and how they would resolve it. I think Dr. Cindy is a really good doctor. I felt very comfortable with her and never, ever felt rushed.”

-- Deanna B., 54, Old Orchard Beach, ME

We’re grateful for patients who are willing to share their experiences. To read more of our patients’ stories click here. Thank you for reading the @VHC blog – and have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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